Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Does anyone know where the new N-Dubz video can be seen?

Polydor got N-Dubz to do a re-release of Better Not Waste My Time, with a shiny remix and a flashier video on film and stuff with an established production company, who have something they call a 'budget'. I'm not quite sure what this strange thing is, but it's the first video that we've not been involved with in any way (well, first one George hasn't been involved in, think it's like the fourth one I haven't been involved with), and I'd quite like to see it.

I haven't got channel U and can't find it on youtube, but I've been told it's released. If anyone knows where it is on the internet can they post the link in the comments?

Only problem with asking this is that only 27 people have ever seen my blog, and I suspect 26 of them are me. Ah well.

N-Dubz won the MOBOs apparently.

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