Wednesday, 26 September 2007

The Independent blames me for the decline of Western Society - part 2

Just wrote this a minute ago but blogger deleted it, bastards.

The article:

which can be read here.

Incredibly stupid picture of me.

Again, video can be seen here.

My mum emailed this to the letters page yesterday, so it might be in today's:

"Dear Sir

I was amused to see my 20 year-old son Will Tribble’s picture in Media Independent (24 Sept, Should grime clean up its act?). He was playing a ‘rich kid’ being beaten up by a rapper from N-Dubz.

He is a student and edited this film, currently no 1 on Channel U, and stepped in to play the ‘rich kid’.

The article claimed that the video would encourage street violence.

The writer Amol Rajan quoted a senior Hackney policeman blaming videos for spreading anger and aggression amongst those who are minded to be violent.

I was punched in the face in Hackney, in front of my two younger children, by the passenger of a car which reversed into me.

The local police refused to interview or arrest the perpetrators of this crime, despite having a picture of the girl punching me, which I took as her fist gave me a black eye, plus the photo, name and address of the driver (who also tried to make an insurance claim in a different name against me!).

A Hackney policeman said, 'No one takes photos of people around here unless they want trouble' and that I was unwise.

They could not arrest the driver or his passenger, they told me, as the driver's mother, who answered his front door, said she did not know his whereabouts. Hackney's Police Head told me and my MP Paul Burstow that he felt they had acted correctly.

It seems to me that it is the casual attitude of Hackney Police which is firmly to blame for the 'lawlessness' on the Hackney streets and not any video.

Yours faithfully,

[My mum. ]"

I emailed this to them this afternoon:

"Dear Sir

I was surprised to open the Independent yesterday
(Media, p.14, September 24) to find an article
claiming that I am responsible for criminal behaviour.
Hello, my name is Will, I’m twenty years old, and I
helped edit the video for “Love for My Slum”. I also
appear in it, being mock-attacked. It was suggested
that, because of this scene, the video encouraged
violent behaviour, and it could not be broadcast on

Firstly, that cut of the video has been on television,
several times. It is number one on Channel U’s
satellite channel at the time of writing. Secondly, it
seems odd to suggest that a two second video clip from
a rap video is responsible for violent crime. Like
many other scenes of violence in the media, it is
clearly fictional – I even pop up doing silly dances a
bit later. There are also several more violent, and
more high profile videos from other genres of music
that seem unaccountably ignored. The Wombat’s ‘Kill
The Director’ features mass shootings. Lordi’s ‘Hard
Rock Hallelujah’ advocates the slaughter of
cheerleaders, and they won Eurovision. Why are there
no claims that indie should ‘clean up its act’? Why
not blame criminal behaviour on hard rock and
prosthetics? I feel that the acts of criminal violence
caused by the Eurovision song contest have been
ignored for far too long. If the worry is more over
YouTube featuring violent video clips, perhaps it is
justified. After a brief search I found scenes of
vicious gangland stabbings from productions of Romeo
and Juliet. Frankly I was disgusted. It should be

"Should Grime Clean Up Its Act?" seemed a rather
half-hearted rehash of criticisms at least twenty
years old – that rappers advocate street violence by
confirming that it exists. It is interesting that the
focus is on an extremely brief instance of a white
middle-class man being threatened, in a video
primarily about the harshness of life in the council
estates of London . If the video only featured poor
living conditions, would you have noticed it?

Will Tribble
[note: if photographs are required to prove that I am
the person in this video, I can attach them]"

What will happen next? Can I be bothered to find out?


el director! said...

What will happen next? Fame, forttune, women hanging off from you proverbials. Milk it for all it's worth!

Anonymous said...

You're just a symptom of the moral decay that's gnawing at the heart of the country. We should be encouraging the youth of this country to take up crochet.

Dalia said...

This is great info to know.