Wednesday, 26 September 2007

The Independent blames me for the decline of Western Society.

Know it's a bit late, but Monday's Independent has an article about how I incite violence and should be banned. Or, more specifically, the scene with me being punched in this video. Will try and scan the article later, as it has some lovely blurry stills, but until then you can read it here. It's the best publicity I've ever personally had. Perhaps next week I'll be accused of crimes against humanity, then I'll be well known enough to have a successful Cafe Press t-shirt page.

In other news Cellars is technically uploaded, but is a bit squished. We're working on it.


el director! said...

I agree with The Independent. You are the reason why London is a s**thole. It's all your fault, making those innocent little darlings stab everyone! No!

Will Tribble said...

I also used a series of flipbook cartoons to invent AIDS and a photo of me tap dancing to start World War One.