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Hi! I make films. You should watch them. I'll help.


(In order of makingthemness)

- I've also done a load of stuff for York Fusion, a dance show that happens at my University. I edited a lot the footage of their live shows, which is hard and tedious, but also did little intro videos for their shows. This is the one for 2007:

The one in 2008 has footage of children from the charity they were sponsoring, which means I can't upload it. They also wanted lots of minivideo things, clips from movies that were interspersed throughout the show, and I did one of those:


I've helped out on a lot of N-Dubz videos. They were fun!

- Co-edited Ouch by N-Dubz, March 2008, directed by George Burt. It looks like this:

- Was a runner on a short film called Shame, directed by Paul Makkar, August 2007.

- Did various things on Love for My Slums by N-Dubz, directed by Zack, July 2007. Mainly editing stuff, but also did colour correction, bleeped out the swearings, blurred out the smokings and hand swearings (there's more than you'd think, sometimes people's faces disappear and it's surprisingly hard to notice), filmed a tiny bit of it and was also in it doing stupid dancing and looking stupid and being punched in the face. For some reason The Independent wrote an article about that last one, but more of that later. The video looks like this:

- Was a runner on a short film called Aisha and Nadeem, directed by Kothai Kanthan, April 2006.

- Worked on I Swear by N-Dubz, directed by George Burt, October-November 2007. Those were the days. I found locations like the lovely room and the cellar, sourced props (like the belt buckle), made props (like those goddamned heart pants, one time when a guy's running away he's wearing heart pants, goddamn I spent a whole day making those heart pants and you barely see them, they've got too much fabric paint on to wear as conventional pants so what the hell do I do with these heart pants), helped out during the actual shoot (including some dolly stuff), and co-edited it afterwards. It looks like this:

- Worked on the original video for N-Dubz's Better Not Waste My Time, directed by George Burt on February 2006. Found some locations for it (including the tank), set up tracks and pushed dollies around, focus pulled for the bit with the car, filmed one of the crowd bits, set up the shot for the chain bit, blew smoke at people in hot tubs, and helped edit it all together. It's the only one I managed to stick on my youtube channel, and it looks like this:

(By the way, just because I've worked on hip hop things doesn't mean that's all I want to do, I really like indie and electronic and all kinds of stuff.)

- Bleh. There was some other runner work before 2006, but it's not particularly interesting. I've also worked on other student films, here are two of my favourites.

Bella Isola

Scarlett Obsession (NSFW)

You can see my youtube account at It's called that because youtube wouldn't let me have spaces and I was distracted and confused by this. My mum thought it was because I was unhappy with life. I am not unhappy with life.

Also my Myspace is

I'm not very good at selling myself but the point is that I'm trying. Is this what you're meant to do, or is this ridiculous? Have I lost by asking? If anyone is interested in the things I have made it would be nice.



[Added on the last day of 2007.]

Although the only published article directly about my films is written by me, they have been referenced by papers occasionally. The Independent blamed a scene I'm in in a music video (which I also helped film and edit) for inciting general violence. It was a clich├ęd article, and they completely ignored my letter back to them. You can read more about that at .

On another occasion, one of my university papers wrote a really bad review of a student play, but said nice things about the film projections I made for it. Which was super. You can read that, and an article I wrote about film stuff, both from university publications, at .

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