Monday, 31 December 2007

For people that are interested...

Which would be me looking at this blog 62 times, maybe the lovely Charles if he hasn't got bored.

Things are happening. A few days ago me and George stayed up till 4 drinking and making a supercool DVD of the Cellars film, with far more on it than is reasonable to assume. Though we won't be sending it off to professional printers, we will be selling it for the cost of the DVD itself, and obviously people who worked on it will get a free copy if they email me. We are also planning the first vaguely proper screening of the film somewhere in London.

I'm also currently working on cool new film things as well. Cool, secret film things, involving a green screen, a rough draft of which must be finished by August. Also there's that 2012 film to finish. And another of those Fusion explodey things to do for my next term, somewhere around March I guess. But it's the secret things that are most interesting. To me and my 61 clones, anyhow.


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el director! said...

Ah, you're back on the blogs...well, don't worry about the fan base. the last time I got comments was when I slagged off the MET Police - not to be done again.

Green Screen - you see, this top secret project is keeping me in there. What is it?