Wednesday, 13 February 2008

42 seconds of clips from black and white films, mainly of people dancing, set to music.

Which can be watched by clicking here.

Fusion is a dance show at my university. In between dancing sometimes they show projections of stuff. This year they want the dances interspersed with clips from various different genres of films. I've done one of these sets of clips.

They said they wanted old films, mainly clips of people dancing, to go before a "classical" dance. I'm not sure quite what they mean, so to hedge my bets I've used films made between 1894 and 1974. I typed 'dance' into the movie section of the Prelinger Archives, and pretty much all I got was antique videos of strippers, so I used a couple of those too. Also includes one of the earliest tests of sound in film, some early experimental coloured film, and an early Disney musical cartoon (the first one to technically include Pluto, as it happens). I've been promising people biscuits if they can name 10 films I've used, but so far no-one's named more than 3. Ah well.

Another longer one coming soon, similar to the one I did last year.



el director! said...

you need to blog more!

Will Tribble said...

Aw but only you read them! I'm not very interesting anyway, if you don't I promise I won't be offended. .