Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Madman and the Nun with new music and other stuff

Charles asked me to do a new post. I am apprehensive about this. The day after I did my last rambling entry I switched on my computer to find a nice shade of blue filling the screen, and pretty much nothing else until the system was reinstalled. I think this is a bad omen.

Incidentally this advert is a complete lie. Whenever stuff like this happens I find this advert and shout at it. That will teach it.

On the plus side, I've actually done something. Kind of. A while ago me and Kate Shenton filmed and edited an abstract thingy that was projected on a wall during a play called "The Madman and the Nun". It looked like this. It was originally projected with some specially written music by a dude called Nik Morris. The aforementioned dude kept promising to send me the music he wrote so I could upload it with the video, but he also kept not doing it. So it's sat there silent for over a year. Then, randomly, a nice man called James Duckworth approached me with a bit of music he'd written, asking if I'd use his instead. It was unexpected and nice. I ignored his message for ages then felt bad, so I spent all of yesterday sticking funny filters on it and sound effects I'd downloaded from the Freesound Project.

So, in short, I made a new thing and you should click on this bit of text and watch it please. I suggest watching it in "High Quality" otherwise there's an annoying bit of grey at the beginning. It's ironic that I'm annoyed about that in a video which is full of fake distortions.

Oh also this is James Duckworth's Youtube channel, also his music page is lying around there somewhere. He calls himself Anthony Arundel. Dunno why.

Do I leave too many links in here? I quite like the magic blue writing.

Ah well.

Other stuff. I filmed the extra stuff for the Super Awesome Film Zap Mega Wow Project, but it also requires some animation that will take a lot of time. I should have been doing demo things for it yesterday, but instead I did the Madman and the Nun thing. Sorry. Meanwhile I haven't finished writing the script for the film about making a bad MiniDV film, but I did see Son of Rambow and notice that it had a few of the same ideas and used them a lot better. Plans are being made to film it in 4 weeks anyway, whether there's a script and actors or not. Also I quite want to get over my vague hatred of the 2012 olympics film, so might try to finish that if I have time.

Um what else. More people should watch a film called The Conformist, directed by Bernardo Bertolucci. I've had to write an essay on it so I'm prejudiced towards it, but it is bloody good. Irritatingly it's not currently available as a UK DVD. A remastered copy has been touring arty cinemas at the moment, which hopefully suggests one will come eventually. The US DVD is the only one currently available, but the translation is a bit rubbish - for example a character called 'Alberi' is translated as 'Hemlock' purely because the translator felt like it. It kind of fits in with some of the themes of the film, but it's just not what his name means. Silliness. The UK translation appears to be more accurate and is certainly more engaging, but only VHS copies (mainly bad TV rips) are currently floating around. If you can ever get hold of any version of it that isn't a cheesy dub, it's a good film to watch.




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