Friday, 20 June 2008


The first google search result for "Will Tribble" now quotes the entry in which I express ironic amusement in finding that the first google search result for "Will Tribble" quoted the entry in which I commented that this blog had dropped off the search results for "Will Tribble". 

Maybe I should stop googling my name.

Haha Ben, fourth result for your name. 

Tuesday, 17 June 2008


WHOOO YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! The only way I can express my relief is by gazing at a picture of the London 2012 Olympic Logo! OKAYHEREWEGO!


See when I wrote this film I was only aware of the pink and yellow variety. Boy, was it at least five times as incredible as I thought it was before!

Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself in all of this sheer unbridled logo-based joy. Maybe you should watch the film first. Pleaspleaseplease click on the line below this one:


BACKSTORY: About a year ago the official 2012 London Olympics logo was unveiled, with a video full of bright, flashing, vibrant animated colours that somehow caused a string of epileptic fits (an issue sensitively touched upon in this film). Possibly chafing from this, lots of people have criticised the logo. Lots of people have even claimed to downright hate it. Obviously I was not one of these people. As the Olympic promoters have continuously stressed, all young people think the logo is fantastic (and cranky old people's opinions don't really matter), and the logo was naturally designed to appeal to me with its smooth, classy, 80s style. I loved it, and to combat the haters I made a film about a superhero that uses it to save the world from human filth. It took a long time to finish, as the entire thing was filmed in HDV and rendering was a pain, so I gave up on it for a long time and have only started again recently, now everyone's forgotten about everything to do with these events.

I finished it at 5 in the morning the day before Get Reel, and slipped it into the program. It went down way better than I expected, in the silly prize thing afterwards it was voted as "best script" and I was awarded a high quality award:

-along with a bottle of moscato and a five pound discount at York's fanciest establishment, Betty's tearoom. I'll certainly be drinking a cup of tea very soon cos I'm a FUCKING WINNER. YEAH!

The first scene has been accused of ripping off various sketches by Mitchell and Webb. Sorry. In my defense I only wrote the first two lines, the rest is improvised, and Will and Simon claim not to have watched any of these. I fitted it in because someone I knew was doing a play that required those props, so they were easy to borrow.

I'd also like to stress that Will's line around 2:51 in bloody well ISN'T improvised, also.

In short, woo. I'm going to post it on B3ta now.


Calling it "pink" instead of "purple" has totally reminded me how colourblind I am. Sometimes I really can't tell the difference between pink and purple. Hope I got it right, or at least that nobody notices.

Friday, 13 June 2008

More Get Reel TV high jinks

and another one here.

Originally I just filmed the TV and somehow started at 9PM and finished at 4AM despite only repeating the same action around seven times (around eight if you count the time I forgot that I'd done the fifth one and did it again), but then I tried to do the panning thing on the computer which took a bit longer. I didn't time it very well.

I mean, I thought it looked AMAZING. Everything about it was just so BRILLIANT and NO ONE has EVER thought of filming a TV before EVER I can't think of a single film that even films a TV and that's not because of the memory blackouts it's because THIS IS SO AWESOME.

And because I'm forward thinking and proactive yet able to handle team training exercises I went round to everyone I knew and slapped them in the face and sat them down and made them watch it and watch it and watch it and watch it until they agreed it was SO BRILLIANT and then I jumped out a window and then I showed it to Geoff I was like Geoff I want to show these during the screening but should I do one or both of them and he was like Well I don't know Will it's a nice idea but maybe people will get bored of it quite quickly plus the second one is hard to read so maybe get rid of that and I was like Oh silly Geoff can't you SEE THE TRUTH WITH YOUR TINY EYES and Geoff was like Can you not hold on to my shoulder quite so tightly Will I think the eczema cracks in your fingers are starting to bleed and I was like MAKE ME Geoff I have NO TIME for your WORDS.

And later on I was thinking about Japanese spider crabs and I wrote a song about them and the song went like THIS

Clickety, Clackety, Clickety, Clackety,
We Are Giant Crabs.
Clickety, Clackety, Clickety, Clackety,
Crabs, Crabs, Crabs, Crabs, Crabs.



Sunday, 8 June 2008


The first google result for 'Will Tribble' now quotes the blog entry where I claim I've dropped off the search results for 'Will Tribble'.

There now.

Let's see if that does anything.



Saturday, 7 June 2008

Get Reel/Tellyface


A screening of the films made this and last year by The University of York Filmmaking Society

Happening on Sunday July the 15th 2008, 11AM-1PM, at York City Screen Cinema, Coney Street, York.

Think entry is like four quid.

You should come.

I don't know whether it's a good idea to admit to being a student what with lots of students being publicly acknowledged as tosspots, but I am a student, so that's that. 

I'm currently planning to enter Why I Don't Like Cellars even though it doesn't fit the criteria at all, as well as the remixed Madman and the Nun thing, and maybe a completed version of the 2012 Olympics Thing. Maybe anyway. Last year I was tasked with making intro videos for a similar film screening, and owing to a series of computer malfunctions I ended up making a film of me pulsating my stomach rhythmically to Windmills Of Your Mind, then sticking some eyeballs on top of my nipples. In my defense it was about two in the morning and no other option seemed plausible. I ended up really liking it (even though I go completely out of sync in the second bit), and so this year I got all high on my abilities and decided to make not one, but at least three and a bit films of a similar style. This resulted in complicated atrocities like this:

The mouth and left eye is mine, the right eye is Rachael's. It's kind of like our baby. The Get Reel trailer version of it can be seen here, other versions I messed around with can be seen here and here

It took a long time to set up, and to be honest I'm not sure it paid off. Especially with the Wonderful Time one, should have filmed it a lot more times from different angles. Overall it looked brilliant in my living room, not so good on film. If I knew anything about motion sensors and selling things to art galleries I'd try and make it a sculpture, then it would kick Andy Warhol's video installation arse at least. I think the issue was that I was trying to politely rip off the style of Joel Veitch and Eclectech, but unlike them I don't have the smarts to combine it with anything else, like an original song or something. Some online folks have compared it to Chris Cunnigham's stuff, and the same thing happened with Cellars. I love Chris Cunnigham, but my response to this should probably be to make something that looks nothing like his films. I've kind of failed at that. The next thing I've got planned will look more like a cheap, nongood Aphex Twin video knockoff than ever. Seriously, there's even techno music and creepy dancing. However there's one other thing I'm making that maybe won't. 



DAMMIT reading that back why am I SO self-deprecating ALL THE TIME. I'm going to make another post telling me to stop doing this.