Tuesday, 17 June 2008


WHOOO YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! The only way I can express my relief is by gazing at a picture of the London 2012 Olympic Logo! OKAYHEREWEGO!


See when I wrote this film I was only aware of the pink and yellow variety. Boy, was it at least five times as incredible as I thought it was before!

Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself in all of this sheer unbridled logo-based joy. Maybe you should watch the film first. Pleaspleaseplease click on the line below this one:


BACKSTORY: About a year ago the official 2012 London Olympics logo was unveiled, with a video full of bright, flashing, vibrant animated colours that somehow caused a string of epileptic fits (an issue sensitively touched upon in this film). Possibly chafing from this, lots of people have criticised the logo. Lots of people have even claimed to downright hate it. Obviously I was not one of these people. As the Olympic promoters have continuously stressed, all young people think the logo is fantastic (and cranky old people's opinions don't really matter), and the logo was naturally designed to appeal to me with its smooth, classy, 80s style. I loved it, and to combat the haters I made a film about a superhero that uses it to save the world from human filth. It took a long time to finish, as the entire thing was filmed in HDV and rendering was a pain, so I gave up on it for a long time and have only started again recently, now everyone's forgotten about everything to do with these events.

I finished it at 5 in the morning the day before Get Reel, and slipped it into the program. It went down way better than I expected, in the silly prize thing afterwards it was voted as "best script" and I was awarded a high quality award:

-along with a bottle of moscato and a five pound discount at York's fanciest establishment, Betty's tearoom. I'll certainly be drinking a cup of tea very soon cos I'm a FUCKING WINNER. YEAH!

The first scene has been accused of ripping off various sketches by Mitchell and Webb. Sorry. In my defense I only wrote the first two lines, the rest is improvised, and Will and Simon claim not to have watched any of these. I fitted it in because someone I knew was doing a play that required those props, so they were easy to borrow.

I'd also like to stress that Will's line around 2:51 in bloody well ISN'T improvised, also.

In short, woo. I'm going to post it on B3ta now.


Calling it "pink" instead of "purple" has totally reminded me how colourblind I am. Sometimes I really can't tell the difference between pink and purple. Hope I got it right, or at least that nobody notices.


Caution Wet Paint said...

congrats on your winning film - hoo-yeah! the teas in york are on you!

Will Tribble said...

All the teas? Hold your horses there slugger! I'm not sure it'll stretch as far as two, Betty's is pretty expensive.

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