Friday, 13 June 2008

More Get Reel TV high jinks

and another one here.

Originally I just filmed the TV and somehow started at 9PM and finished at 4AM despite only repeating the same action around seven times (around eight if you count the time I forgot that I'd done the fifth one and did it again), but then I tried to do the panning thing on the computer which took a bit longer. I didn't time it very well.

I mean, I thought it looked AMAZING. Everything about it was just so BRILLIANT and NO ONE has EVER thought of filming a TV before EVER I can't think of a single film that even films a TV and that's not because of the memory blackouts it's because THIS IS SO AWESOME.

And because I'm forward thinking and proactive yet able to handle team training exercises I went round to everyone I knew and slapped them in the face and sat them down and made them watch it and watch it and watch it and watch it until they agreed it was SO BRILLIANT and then I jumped out a window and then I showed it to Geoff I was like Geoff I want to show these during the screening but should I do one or both of them and he was like Well I don't know Will it's a nice idea but maybe people will get bored of it quite quickly plus the second one is hard to read so maybe get rid of that and I was like Oh silly Geoff can't you SEE THE TRUTH WITH YOUR TINY EYES and Geoff was like Can you not hold on to my shoulder quite so tightly Will I think the eczema cracks in your fingers are starting to bleed and I was like MAKE ME Geoff I have NO TIME for your WORDS.

And later on I was thinking about Japanese spider crabs and I wrote a song about them and the song went like THIS

Clickety, Clackety, Clickety, Clackety,
We Are Giant Crabs.
Clickety, Clackety, Clickety, Clackety,
Crabs, Crabs, Crabs, Crabs, Crabs.



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