Sunday, 26 October 2008

The meeting went pretty well.

The management company representative was called away on urgent family matters, so it was just me, George, George's girlfriend Junko, and two of the band. The Paddington Hilton quickly turned into the Camden McDonalds and a pub that didn't serve coffee. For some reason I had decided that dressing smartly but a little flamboyantly was the way to go. I looked out of place around the others, in their plain jumpers and leather jackets, like a kid at the adults' table. I realised that I was younger and a little shorter than everyone else. I think the band were in the loo when a guy at the bar, who looked tougher than me, called me over and made me say why I decided to go out wearing a bright blue plaid-looking jacket this morning. He asked me whether I was trying to look ridiculous. I said I was and moved on. Hopefully the band didn't notice. 

It all went pretty well. They said they liked my idea, which was good because I was genuinely worried, but they wanted to make it a little darker. They suggested some other videos they liked. We pooled our resources, and talked about where they could get money, and how we could make it cheaper. We talked about making it in the North (London is horrible to film in for lots of reasons). We talked about how some bits could be done in a studio, hopefully without making it worse. Actors and extras were discussed. We debated costumes, masks and pelvic wear. We reached some pretty acceptable conclusions. Then the pub people kicked us off our table because another band were getting ready to play there and wanted the space. 

Unfortunately someone else we wanted to work with pulled out the day before. In a three-way conference call he began by saying that he didn't believe we could make what we wanted with the potential budget we had. He eventually admitted that he had moral issues with our ideas. He was categorically opposed to about 90% of our basic concept, and a little while later we agreed that he probably shouldn't come to the meeting. I'm not sure whether to be depressed by this, or to take heart from it. It's not the first time one of my projects has been called immoral.

I don't know, I just want to make something good. 

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