Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Just found out why no-one from the management company came to that meeting.

They'd gone bust.

Fucking bollocks. Back to the drawing board.


Caution Wet Paint said...

??? tell us more

Will Tribble said...

Nothing much else to say. It's a follow-up to .

I'd just got off the phone trying to persuade a local council to let us film at a location, they hadn't been returning my calls and said no anyway, called George to tell him, he said the management had folded and there was no way we'd have money to make this video. I don't know how long he or the band knew, or when they'd have told me if I hadn't called.

It's no biggie, still making a music video for them, just something a lot cheaper and not the idea I wanted to use. It happens a lot, even without the credit crunch. Just a bit disappointing is all. If ever I get hold of enough money I'd still really like to make my original idea.