Friday, 16 January 2009

Bad TV filter starting to get overused

Not long ago, Weezer did a music video called "Pork and Beans", very successfully using huge amounts of internet memes to sell one of their songs. I quite liked it. Recently, they (or a fan, I don't know) decided that it needed moar internet memes, and made this:

^Up here

It had more memes than I could recognise, but what I though was interesting was its use of Final Cut's "Bad TV" filter, the one I said was awesome a while ago and have made an effort to crowbar in to my stuff whether it's needed or not ever since I noticed it. I'm not sure if they're using it because they also like it, or because loads of other people like it as well, and it has become a meme in itself. 

Maybe this is a sign I should stop using the Bad TV filter, is what I'm saying. So I decided to announce it to the world. 


Also it's 2009 now.


el director! said...

i'm currently over using the purple filter. i t makes me happy. that's what is important about filters - happiness!

Will Tribble said...

But why purple?