Saturday, 21 March 2009

Kill Bill in One Minute, in One Take.

I forgot to post this here.

I worked out how to embed in widescreen and I stopped half of it from disappearing off the screen oh yeah

Me, Rocco and Joe have been talking about this and we've decided that we'll probably do one more of these after the holidays (which are about five weeks) then do something completely different. We're not sure what our last one will be. I thought we could have some fun with the movie version of Watchmen, but a lot of people are saying we should do the Star Wars trilogy, and constructing cardboard X-Wings and Death Stars could be almost as good as having a naked blue man stand on an astroturf at 8:30 in the morning. Back to the Future's also popular, to be honest I don't think I've ever actually sat down and watched the whole thing. 

I kind of want to do loads more of these, but we don't have much time before Real Life hits us. 


soloparolesparse said...

Beautifull video!
I talked about you in my blog:

el director! said...

Classic! You got to do Star Wars or Indiana Jones next!

Burnster said...

will, did you get myspace message about the video footage? it's kinda urgent. all the best & thanks,