Friday, 17 April 2009

Sort of interview for this site called NewTeeVee

Right here . I taught her how to Skype.

Jessica Ashman told me I should get Twitter. She said it would be helpful for networking or synergy or something. I'm quite fond of Jhonen Vasquez's Twitter things, much as I'm quite fond of Jhonen Vasquez, but the idea of signing up to a networking group in the hope that a celebrity cartoonist may one day whimsically insult me is kind of depressing. I could just simulate the experience by texting myself with short stories about horribly murdering random collections of nouns using other random collections of nouns.

[edit.] Also some German Myspace video people asked if they could feature our Kill Bill in one of their videos. I hope they're saying nice things about us. Or at least not erroneous things. Does anyone know what they're saying?


Jessica said...

I said nothing of the sort about syngery, young man! What am i, middle management?

I still think you should get a twitter. If only because i'll be entertained by your "tweets". Also, i'm going to follow Jhonen Vasquez twitter now.

Jessica said...

Also, because I totally haven't said it yet and it's due - well done on all the attention for 1 minute take Kill Bill's/Forest Gump! It caused hearty lulz in the Ashman family when I showed it to them.

Will Tribble said...

You have a blog! Hello! Aw thank you very much! Hm, I'm pretty sure you said something about company picnics.

I'm kind of tempted by Twitter, but it might lead to me being totally absorbed by the internet. This has nearly happened several times.

el director! said...

You should get twitter. Why e-mail when you can contact peeps in less that 140 characters! Perfect for our 'we-so-important-to-actually-care-lifestyles' ;)