Friday, 25 September 2009

28 Days Later, in one minute, in one take

Told you so!

The first one we made in two days, including about four hours to edit. The second one we made in about a week, including about six hours to edit. This one took at least a month to make, including two days to edit, during which Rocco and Joe introduced me to their friend Cass Lowe and his fantabulous sound recording equipment. Before we'd just used the same camera to film ourselves talking when we needed to dub stuff.

When we came to stick some music over the top, we hit a slight hiccup. The well-known music from 28 Days Later falls into two categories. The first type is so completely, soul crushingly bleak that as soon as you hear its grim repetitive chords you know that there is no hope for anything, no possibility of survival, no chance of happiness, the only thing even darkly comic being humanity's pathetic struggle against its own insurmountable doom; the other is AM 180 by Granddaddy. It was tough finding something that was both sort of dramatic without making you want to die. So Cass decided to record a Bossa Nova version of John Murphy's In a Heartbeat. It was fun watching him scat fake Portugese. I hope he'll send me a high quality version of the song soon. In addition he introduced me to the wonders of panning, so that when you hear this video in stereo sounds on the right will actually come from your right speaker etc. Knowing someone who can do sounds is basically fantastic.

[edit] Cass has now given me his myspace page, , and asked me to call him Cass Lowe. Okey dokey.


Anonymous said...

Love the rats!

el director! said...

Another classic vid Will!