Saturday, 26 September 2009

College Humo[u]r

A while ago, I had an email from Sarah Schneider of, who must work damn hard, saying that one of our videos had had over 75,000 views, and because of their new policy they can now give us money when that sort of thing happens. We here are all big fans of being given money to do things we like, and could definitely use it to buy larger supplies of paint and glue and videotape maybe, so if you like our films please watch them here if you can - I made a profile to upload the one minute one take videos myself, but someone keeps beating me to it, which is all very convenient as I don't have to worry about high quality exporting and file sizes and other time-wasting stuff.

So just in case you missed the links above -

For Forrest Gump, click here.

For Kill Bill, click here.

For 28 Days Later, click here.

Or, preferably, click all three. Extra points if you get yourself a College Humor profile and click the "Like" button on the pages.

Hah, memories. Back in 2004, my friend Josh gained the admiration of our late-teenage social group by getting an email posted in one of their articles. It was one of those furious sweary articles that were popular then, back when online writers were largely anonymous, and believed that no blurry Realplayer videos, flash cartoons or low-resolution webcomics could ever replace writing angry angry words, preferably in white text against a black background. It's weird seeing it now, five years later, with links to Digg and Reddit and Stumbleupon and all the social networking sites and a nice photo of the guy who wrote it. Now College Humor has got videos and user profiles and even its own TV show, such a wide variety of stuff, and that sort of pent-up, vaguely secretive online fury at the world seems so dated. Maybe I'm wrong.

That last paragraph didn't have anything to do with anything. Oh well.




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