Saturday, 17 October 2009

28 Days Later, in 8½ minutes, in several takes

Patrick Bloomfield brought his camera along to the shoot of one minute one take 28 Days Later, So I put together a little "making of"-type video. It's nearly nine times as long as the film we actually made. The bit at the end is my favourite.

Also The Metro still reads my blog! It was posted to me by a family friend, hence the name highlighting. I don't highlight my own name in papers. Normally I just highlight all the letters in different words that would make up my name if you put them together. Then I cut them all out and stick them into a square on the last page, I like to call it the Will Corner. Then I quietly slip it under my dad's door and return to the whisky.

The Metro, 28/09/09, p.27.

I've just looked on web version of their article, not only have they credited my blog but they've suggested people go and watch it at College Humor, which is inordinately nice of them. Did I mention you should watch it at College Humor? Maybe even log in and get an account and watch it at College Humor? Well, you should definitely watch it at College Humor. Somehow my notebook and a spiky laminated copy of Slaughterhouse Five have ripped the pocket lining of my last wearable jacket, I can't carry around a little satchel/manbag forever.

Top dongle!


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