Friday, 30 April 2010

Project Friendly

A man I know called Dan is part of a thing called called Project Friendly which involves sending anonymous people envelopes with drawings on them and stuff. You can put whatever you like inside them, as long as the envelope is decorated in some way.

It sounded fun, and after a very long delay, I've got involved in this business:

Okay so my idea is that this is the front side, and you're like "huh this is a pretty fake hairy envelope but no big deal, what's with the scissors around the sides" but then you turn it round and BAM:

You were holding a folded up monster in your hands and you didn't even know!
What does this mean?

Just in case Michaela has little experience with cutout things or thinks the dotted lines are some weird art style thing I put some instructions inside:

I'm not really sure where I was going with the links. I just thought they might be useful. I had a slightly longer list but I kept misspelling the URLs, so I ripped out that bit, and then I was like "sod it, I've written this much and writing is hard, I might as well do little rips everywhere and pretend it is a weird art style thing".

I coloured in the front last, after I'd done the little scissors, then felt bad about it. Maybe Michaela might prefer a full colour envelope monster and not really care about the white patches and the scissors round the side. I better leave detailed instructions in case she wants to find the same colour and go over those bits.


I hope Michaela actually does it. I hope Michaela actually does it and it actually works. I'd like to see the results.

You can see some more Project Friendlies scattered around on and . Personally I think there should be a Flickr page so they could get more people involved. Maybe I'll poke Dan with a stick and tell him that.



Victoria said...
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Victoria said...

I want one of those dot see oh em