Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Project Friendly - 2

Michaela sent me an email:

Hi Will,

Thank you very much for your fantastic envelope!

I wanted to let you know that I spent my morning putting this beast together and here (attached) is the finished result!!


IT WORKS! IT REALLY WORKS! I was worried for a minute that she had photoshopped it instead of actually making it, but she's confirmed that she did make it, just photoshopped out all the cut-out lines and stuff. This is extra impressive, and clearly Michaela is the greatest kind of person. I predict big biscuits in her future, oh yes indeed...

Also you can see the neater photos she's taken at

Wooooooooot! Another hooray for Michaela!

[Edit: what happened to Blogger linking to big versions of pictures? Here's a slightly bigger one, looking much more exciting and dramatic: ]

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