Wednesday, 30 November 2011

I don't know why I didn't just do black text on a white background before today

I apologise to anyone who fell upon this blog before today and was forced to read the greyish text on a yellow background. I don't know what I was thinking. Feel free to contact me, as an apology I may send you a picture of a small puppy.


For a while now I've been working on something very exciting called Fuzzy Head. It's essentially about a guy with a fuzzy box for a head. It's a film that can also be played as a game. It's lots and lots of cool stuff.

Detailed explanations will come later, but for now check out . There's already lots of stuff on there.



Saskilla - Yonder

Sorry, I should be updating this more.

Several months ago I directed a video for a guy called Saskilla for a song called "Yonder", produced by George. It was a fun excuse to experiment with video projections, contrazooms and other stuff in a cool dungeon-like car park, and it was also nice to shoot something on RED. It looks like this:

Although I'm pleased with how it turned out, and the shoot was great, I have mixed feelings about this cut. There were a lot of different opinions being thrown around by a lot of different people (we even shot a whole day of extra material that was barely used). Personally I think one or two of the best things we made for this video aren't in this video. I do have a director's cut knocking around but haven't had time/found someone with the time to grade it. Alternatively I could use the unused shots for another video and pretend they're all new (this is how creativity works).