Saturday, 31 March 2012

A Trip to the Gents


Recently I uploaded a few videos and didn't post anything about it here. I thought I'd do this now, both for the sake of completion and because I've got a new bigger thing with lots to talk about that I'm going to upload soon. Just pretend these blogs were written when the videos came out, tragically lost to history, discovered by blog archaeologists hidden under many layers of Russian spam comments and dating site ads, then finally put on display in the Louvre's Blog Wing (just left of the Hall of MIDIs).

So BBC3 do this thing called Funny In 15 Seconds, where you send in a 15 seconds video, and if they like it they stick it on the telly. It was a nice excuse to make something short and simple, as well as work with a bunch of people I'd like to make more quick fun stuff with (including Simon Maeder who suggested it in the first place).

It was shot in a morning and largely edited in an evening. It's about something that's been bothering me for roughly 20 years.

I don't really mind if the BBC show it or not, it was good to make more Youtubey stuff. There will be more to follow.



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