Sunday, 8 December 2013


I try not to use this blog to talk about personal things these days, but there are a few exceptions. 

On Wednesday the 4th December my dog Boo died. He was a much loved member of the family, and had been for the last nine years. 

I inherited him from my mother, and in many ways he helped me to deal with her passing, being a constant, bouncy, friendly face to wake me up and get me out of the house in the morning. He was the spirit of liveliness and fun, and it was impossible to stay unhappy when a gigantic fluffy monster was dragging you down the road to the park at a hundred miles an hour. Or stay in bed with this big gallumphing teddy bear of a thing grinning at you and trying to lick your face.

I tried to involve him in my life wherever I could. He actually has a starring role in a film I made for the FA - you can see him here, 33 seconds into the film, being held by my dad and my brother, watching me stomping around behind the camera, to make him look like he's following the footsteps of a giant robot (I've somehow completely missed talking about this film here, but will do soon). 

It's hard for non-animal owners to know how close you can get to pets, dogs especially. They're family. Sometimes they're your closest friends. They're always there for you, waiting for you to come and play. I'll miss Boo very much.

- Will.

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