Sunday, 10 May 2015

Joe (warning: reading this may ruin your day)

Joe Burgess was a funny, creative, lovely human being. We worked together on the original one minute films as well as these fun silly Lottelo films, and also one time we dressed up as tigers and pretended to have sex in a forest while he laid down a soundtrack of porn guitar music (it was a tiger woods sex tape), although that video appears to be far too passionate for YouTube or Vimeo standards and keeps getting removed. He was awesome.

We got older, we went our separate ways, and we stopped working together. I was hoping that at some point that would change. I looked forward to doing something fun with him again someday, when we were both ready.

I’m fucking devastated. I’m so sorry Joe.

I wasn’t sure whether to write anything about this – my blog is becoming 50% obituaries and I don’t know how that comes across. If anyone closer to Joe feels like I should take this down of course I’ll do so. I only learnt yesterday that this happened, and I’m still in shock about it, and I wanted to pay my respects. To Joe’s family, friends, and Immy, I am so sorry that this has happened. He was a really fantastic man.

There’s a JustGiving Page for London’s AirAmbulance set up in his memory. Please consider donating.

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